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We need your help with the cemetery grounds and caretaker house maintenance and repairs, assisting visitors, database entry of the historic cemetery records, and exciting fundraising activities. With your help, our vision includes the development of a Historic Museum & Learning Center to provide historical education and increase public knowledge and appreciation of the Cemetery's historical significance and natural beauty.

Help us Preserve the Cemetery

Use our contact page's phone number and email to learn more about how you can volunteer!

We would love your help with:

    •     Lawn and shrub maintenence 
    •     Woodworking
    •     Sign-making
    •     Painting
    •     Electrical repairs
    •     Contractor skills
    •     Glassworks
    •     Data entry
(including Excel spreadsheets)
    •     Letter writing
    •     Grant writing
    •    Fundraising
    •     Historical studies & research
    •     Excavation
    •     Stone cleaning & repair
    •     Archeology
    •     Event planning
    •     Period architecture
    •     Teaching or working with children
    •     Educational programming
    •     Walking tour guides

Any questions? Please contact us to see how you can help out

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